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Fuck Forever

..if you don't mind.

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You don't need pants for the victory dance
7 June
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Well How goes it? You've either heard of my brilliance from some of my wonderful friends or you've been cruely and falsely lured here under the pretences of some wild baked confectionary good...either way you've been deceived as I am not only a dry old sod, but I can't bake for shite...no no scratch that I am very important and too busy to make my own bed.

When I love something I love it madly, and when I hate something my loathing is deep. I don't really like indifference much, Im the kind of person who tends towards extremities, which can result in me being quite hyperactive and/or clinically depressed...crikey I'm making myself sound rather crazy..I'm not really that bad :D I am Irish afterall, we are a rather placid drunken nation right? Don't like stereotypes btw..or if you're any of the following you probably shouldn't bother friending me : Racist, Homophobic, conservative, bigoted, closed minded, Bright eyes fan *though I am lenient on this lol, some of my best LJ friends like him..shiver*, sexist..I think you get the drift. Or if you don't like : hippies, bisexual people, socalists, rabit indie fans etc. then you won't like me.

Reading/Writing and Music are my passions in life, but my intrest lists and My Audioscrobbler will basically show what I like so I won't harper on here..

Now now down to business. This journal is Friends only as I am paranoid and schitzophrenic say too many things I shouldn't so, just givvus a comment and I will probably add you, as I am nice, yes you heard it here first!

I own and moderate purplescripts
I am also the moderator of carloschallenge which is fantastic in its..fantastic..ness...? and __o_m_g.

I write over here : petersunderwear feel free to add me there too :)

I play Peter over @ perfect_teacup and suthnoli is my Carlos, and My perfect teacup

Dilly boys
Music when the lights go out
Andrew Kendall
Queer Duck
I'll show you a picture of tomorrow
Black and Blue
Who's got the porn crack

courtesy of pixel industries
Lol...You know I just LOVE making fun of emo kids..Im sorry but..jeez! Easy target! Lol..

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Drew is love

Tha's Nev (suffer__me), shes fabulous.

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